Bluntpower is a very good smelling spray that last for a long time. It comes in a 1.5 plastic bottles in over 200 fragrances. Get it in a small counter top display in 24 or 48ct. It sold in stores over the US and sells very well. This is an oil base spray so it is not meant to be sprayed directly on surfaces.

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    Bluntpower Air Freshener Spray Bluntpower Air Freshener  48ct.

    Bluntpower Air Freshener 48ct.

    Sold in a 48ct Store Display so choose 48 scents.  Everyone wants their surroundings to smell pleasant and sweet. Entering a foul-smelling room or car can ruin anyone's mood. If you want a strong air freshener, then Bluntpower has the perfect option...
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    Bluntpower Spray Bluntpower Air Freshener Spray

    BluntPower Spray 24ct

    Wholesale BluntPower Air Freshener Spray in 1.5oz plastic bottle. Sold in a 24ct. Store Counter Display each bottle only $2.49 lots of unique scents. If you don't see the scent you want call us 678-825-8007 ext. 1
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