Does your store have in-demand good selling cell phone accessories?

Does your store have in-demand good selling cell phone accessories?

Posted by Nutel Distributors Staff Writer on May 2nd 2021

Does your store have in-demand good selling cell phone accessories? Although the summer is getting off to a slow start, demand for cell phone accessories, like chargers, earphones and other accessories are sky-rocketing.Last year, because of Covid-19 and shut downs the demand was not as high as it had been in previous years, so production was lower.This year, Items are selling fast and will need to be produced at record speed to keep up with the new demand. Perhaps you did not buy many accessories last year because of the low demand.This year we recommend stocking up on the best-selling cell phone accessories. That way you will always have the most popular cell phone accessories in stock during the demand seasons.

There's a lot of pent up demand for people taking trips and outings. Some people were waiting on the opportunity to travel and that time may be finally here, which sparks a time of losing and leaving chargers, earphones, auxiliary cables and other accessories by mistake. Being able to go to a nearby store and purchase that cell phone accessory is a big plus for the customer and store.That if the store has the accessory available and this year the quality of cell phone accessories are at an all-time high, customers are paying higher prices for that quality.

There are always some new products in the world of cell phone accessories. Devices are upgraded and chanced on frequent bases. The store owner should stay informed of the changes in order to not miss out on what is a hot-seller or what’s been add to the line.

One update that the phone accessories market has made is earphones for I-Phone and now Samsung.  In years past manufactures tended to use the same standard 3mm connector for earphones, earbuds and speakers. But that is not the case anymore. I-Phone and Samsung have both come out with their own jack for earphones and earbuds. So the standard earphone 3mm Jack is no longer use-able in newer models of the I-Phone and Samsung device. But there are still some great sounding earphones and earbuds that use the standard connector.So, some of your customers will need to purchase an adapter to connect the earphone or earbuds to their mobile device. Although this may seem to be simple there are several type of adapters.The Samsung headphone Jack adapter USB type C to 3.5mm. The Apple I-Phone has a Lightning connector that support iOS 10 or newer including the I-Pad. Apple also has a Bluetooth adapter that works well with devices to connect 3mm plugs to an l-Phone lightning devices.

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