Air Freshener

Elevate Any Space

Revitalize any space with Nutel Distributor's wholesale air fresheners, your go-to source for premium scents at unbeatable prices. Whether you're looking to freshen up your car, home, or office, we have the perfect solution to elevate your atmosphere.

Freshen Your Ride

We at Nutel Distributors understand stores want an assortment variety of Air Fresheners to sell. So we have lots of Bluntlife Spray, Bluntpower Spray, and other types of quality sprays for customers. Discover our extensive selection of wholesale car air fresheners, designed to banish unpleasant odors and infuse your vehicle with long-lasting fragrance. From classic favorites to innovative new scents, we offer a variety of options to suit every taste and preference.

Trusted Quality

As a trusted air freshener distributor, Nutel Distributor is committed to delivering quality products and exceptional service. Our wholesale air freshener suppliers ensure that you receive top-of-the-line items that meet our rigorous standards for freshness and longevity.

Transform Your Space

Transform any space into a fragrant oasis with Nutel Distributor's air fresheners wholesale collection. Order now and experience the difference freshness can make!

  • Bluntpower Babypodwer Bluntpower Pineapple

    BluntPower Spray Singles 5ct.

    Get samples bottles of Bluntpower spray in a 5ct. Scents are random but you can request your favorite. We will send out your scent if available.

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  • Little Trees Air freshener in  Vanillarma scent

    Little Trees 24ct. Vanillarma

    Little Tree air fresheners a High-Quality long-lasting car air freshener that has been delighting cars with wonderful scents for many years. You can't go wrong adding this product to your store's product line. Try the Vanillarma fragrance a rich vanilla...

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  • Acrylic Incense Holder Holds 50 packs Incense Holder Display Holds up to 50 Packs

    Incense Holder Acrylic Display

    This acrylic incense display holds up to 50 packs or Jumbo incense. You can organize and display different bands of incense.

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  • Bluntpower Air Freshener Spray Assorted Scents BluntPower Air Freshener Spray in 24ct.

    Bluntpower Air Freshener

    Wholesale Bluntpower Spray in 1.5oz bottles in a variety of scents, that last long. Sold to stores. It's a great choice to stock in your convenience store. With over 10 million bottles sold, Bluntpower air freshener spray is a fan favorite.

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  • Blunt Power Long Single  Incense Bluntpower Long Single Incense

    Bluntpower Jumbo Single

    One of the best smelling incenses on the market. Bluntpower Single Pack Incense 8-10 Sticks a tube Pack. This incense burns for a long time. Your customers will absolutely enjoy the variety of scents these incense offers. Sold Wholesale.

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  • Song of Sudan 11" incense 72ct. Display - Sold By Nutel Distributors Song of Sudan 72ct.

    Song of Sudan Regular Incense

    Song Of Sudan 11" 72ct. per Boz. These Incense Sticks are Made in the USA. They are High-Quality Incenses that has been on the market for a long time. They come in an assortment of many great smelling fragrances.

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  • Scent Max Air Freshener Spray in 50ct Display Scent Max  Spray Black Diamond in 1oz bottle

    Scent Max Spray 50ct.

    Need more of a great smelling product to sell at your store Scent Max is the one. It comes in 50ct display. Scent Max is a very strong-smelling spray that lasts for a long time.  Made by a well-reputed fragrance company, they have been in the...

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  • SALE
    Scent Max Air Freshener  Spray 20ct. Scent Max Air Freshener Spray Black Diamond

    Scent Max Air Freshener Spray

    Comes in a 20ct. Display Great for making rooms or car smell good.  If you love Bluntlife spray you will love Scent Max.  From the makers of Bluntlife comes Scent Max Spray.  It's extra strong comes in assorted scents that last a long time...

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  • Aroma Fusion Jumbo Incense Aroma Fusion Assorted Incense Jumbo Sticks

    Aroma Fusion Jumbo Sticks

    Aroma Fusion Jumbo 19" Incense Single 15 sticks each pack. They are hand-dipped and burn for over 2 hours. Made in India, these incenses offer a very good variety of nice smelling scents.

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  • Song of Sudan in 24ct Display Box - Sold by Nutel Distributors Song of Sudan in Assorted Single Packs

    Song of Sudan Jumbo Incense

    Song of Sudan Jumbo incenses are Excellent Quality incense with many wonderful scents. They come in 24ct. at good wholesale price, Great product for convenience store, smoke shops and other type stores.

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