A display rack is an attention grabber

A display rack is an attention grabber

Posted by Kim J. on Aug 29th 2022

A good display is an attention grabber

A display rack is an excellent  advertising tool that will have a direct impact on a particular product sales. A display

rack is a attention grabber in which your customer’s attention is directed to the items. But it's not enough to be a

product, it must be appealing to the customer’s eye. At Nutel Distributors we supply to stores cell phone accessory 

displays that are attention grabbers. One of the most proven ways to increase sales is to have an attractive well 

organized display in direct flow of traffic.  And we can supply that attention grabbing counter top or floor

displays. Our displays have the newest best selling cell phone accessories. Best of all our quality cell phone 

accessories start as low as $1.49. We make it easy to refill your display by offer free shipping.

Let us help you start adding extra revenue to your store. Call Nutel Distributors today at 678-825-8007 ext. 1 for 

more information on cell phone accessory displays.  We only stock displays with popular selling items.  At Nutel 

Distributors you can buy with confidence because we warrant every cell phone accessory we sell. You are never at a 

lost if a accessory dose not perform properly.