• Herbal Clean Qcarbo 20oz

    Herbal Clean Qcarbo-Clean 20 w/ 5 Tabs

    Herbal Clean QCARBO 20oz CLEAR provide detox cleaning. This detox has a blend of potent cleansing herbs.  The five tablets provides a deep cleanse for your body. Type: Detox Flavor: Lemon-Lime, Strawberry, Cran-Raspberry Weight: 20oz Bottles Per...

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  • XStream Synthetic Urine in 6ct Display

    XStream Synthetic Urine 6ct

    Comes in counter top display. The bottles are premixed it's toxin free and pH balanced. For research and novelty use.    

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  • Quick Fix Plus 14ct Store Display

    Quick Fix Plus Synthetic Urine 14ct. Display

      Comes in 3-ounce pre-mixed bottle formula 6.2.  Each individual box contains a complete kit. Quick fix is unisex, it will work for male or female.  A master case has 8 Counter Displays with 14 kits, that is 112 total single kits. Sold...

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  • Qcarbo 16 in Orange Flavor Qcarbo 16 in Plastic 16oz Bottles  Assorted Flavors

    Qcarbo 16 Herbal Clean -Orange

      This ready to drink formula is easy-to-use and is a quick way to detox and cleansing your body. It is specifically designed to give a full body cleanse for those with regular toxin level. Qcarbo 16 comes in a variety of flavors Orange, Grape,...

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  • Qcarbo 16 Detox 16oz Bottle -Sold by Nutel Distributors Qcarbo 16 Detox 16oz in Assorted flavors

    Qcarbro 16 Apple Flavor

    Wholesale QCarbo 16 oz. Apple Flavor is the ready-to-drink, easy-to-use. This cleanse is fast acting formula that will flush toxins from the body.

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  • High Voltage Mouthwash

    High Voltage Mouthwash

    High Voltage Mounthwash ready to use formula it removes toxins from your saliva. Effects can last up to 1 hour

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  • High Voltage Shampoo

    High Voltage Shampoo

      Wholesale High Voltage Folli Shampoo Cleanse Good buy for convenience and other types of stores.

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  • High Voltage Detox 24ct.

    High Voltage Detox 24ct.

    High Voltage Detox is a special cleansing drink made from a blend of B-Vitamins, Creatine Monohydrate, and numerous other nutrients and extracts. It is used to remove unwanted toxins and pollutants from the urinary tract easily and comes in a variety of...

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  • U-Pass Synthetic Urine U-Pass Synthetic Urine 6ct.

    U-pass synthetic urine 6ct, Wholesale

    Wholesale U-Pass synthetic urine 6ct Display 100% Toxin Free. No mixing needed. Sold wholesale to stores. For scientific and novelty purpose.

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  • Qcarbo 16 Apples Qcarbo 16 Assorted flavors

    Qcarbo 16 Apple

    Qcarbo 16 Apple Flavor come in 12ct. case.

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