Phone Chargers

We supply a variety of  Good Quality Cell Phone Chargers like iPhone, Micro USB and Micro USB- C.  These quality phone chargers are available in retail package or in jars.  They are available in bulk buy or small quantity to refill a display or put on the shelf. Whatever you choose we will ship them to you fast.


  • Type C to C Charging Cable

    Type C to C Charging Cable

    High Quality type C to C 3ft. charging cables. You can get them in retail packages for your store shelf or in a jar for your store's countertop. Whichever one you choose these are a very good buy for any convenience store.  It's Fast Charging and in...

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  • IPh Type -C

    IPh Type -C

    Fits the Iph that needs a C changing cable. Used with the newest phones that take the type C connecter. Comes in Black or White in retail XTP package. Retails in convenience stores for $13.99 and up.

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  • 10ft. USB-C charger

    10ft. USB- C Charger

    Need a longer charging cable? This 10ft. USB C charger is the answer. You get a high-quality charger with the length that allow you to use across the room.

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  • USB C Assorted Colors

    USB Type C

    Need Phone Chargers with type C charging port for your customers or to add to your display? Then we have the chargers for you.  Our Nutel Gold phone chargers now come in USB and Type C charging port. So, you can stock the right Phone charger at all...

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  • XTP Cell Phone Charger Set I-Phone Charger and Wall Charger

    IPH Charger & Wall Adapter

    Have you even forgotten to charge your Phone before leaving your home? It can be an annoyance that can turn off anyone's mood. Thankfully, with the help of the XTP mobile iPhone 2in1 Car Charger package, this problem can be solved easily. This car...

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  • XTP Micro USB C  5ft. Charging Cable XTP Micro USB C  5ft. Charging Cables in Jar

    USB C 5ft Charger

    Sold online these USB Type C 5 Ft. Charging Cables. Is a 10ft. cable a little too long but a 3ft. too small?  Try our XTP 5ft. C phone charger. You will find it's the right size to get the job done.  Your customers will love these High-Quality...

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  • XTP Micro USB 5Ft. Charger in Retail Package

    Micro USB 5Ft. Charger

    Micro USB 5ft. Charging Cable in Retail Package fit on the XTP floor display. Available for refills in several of our floor displays.

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  • XTP  5ft I-Ph Charger with Type C Charging Port in Retail Package

    I-Ph 5ft. Charger with Type C Cable

    Is the wall socket too far away from your bed? Do you miss out on important notifications because your phone is charging some feet away from you? Well, if you struggle with any of such problems, the 5 feet charging cable is the answer for you. This...

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  • XTP Cell Phone Charger Set I-Phone Charger and Wall Charger

    I-Ph 2n1 Wall

    2n1 charger Plus wall adapter good value.

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  • XTP Mobile Phone Charger Set I-Phone Charger and Car Charger Adapter

    I-Ph 2n1 Car

    2n1 Charger sets are a good combination to pair a new cable with a new car adapter.  It gives you a complete charging package. Need the C They come with USB for I-ph. or USB-C Charging with car charger adapter in retail Package. The USB C is used...

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  • XTP    2n1 Wall Charger Set

    Micro USB 2n1 Wall

    The XTP mobile USB 2in1 Wall charger is an efficient charger and Micro USB combo which can charge any smartphone without any issues. Whether you own a Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Blackberry, if your device has a Micro USB port, it can be charged by this...

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