With a good pair of headphones you can drown the world out. Have hands free cell phone calls. Listen to great music and more. Having earphones in your cell phone accessory display or just in stock to sell is a great idea.  At Nutel Distributors we have a variety of Quality Earphone at great wholesale prices and they sell very well at stores. 



  • Wireless Earbuds

    Wireless Earbuds

    Answer phone, listen to music with these quality ear buds. Sold Wholesale to stores.

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  • SALE
    I-Phone Style Ear Buds in Assorted Colors I-Phone Style Ear Buds in White

    I-Ph Earbuds USB

    Earbuds sell very well in convenience stores customers buy earphones over and over again. These I-Ph style earphones have very good quality so your customer will enjoy listening to music with them. You can answer call and control the volume. The products...

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  • SALE
    I-Phone Style Earbuds with type C Jack I-Phone Style Ear Buds with type C connector

    Earbuds w/ C jack

    Good sounding earbud makes listening to music more enjoyable. These are Quality Earbuds with a good sound. The earbuds are made for the newest I-Phone the one with the USB-C Jack. With these earbuds you will be about to listen to music, control volume...

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  • IPh  Earphone Adapter Jack IPh Bluetooth Earphone Adapter in Retail Box

    IPh Earphone Adapter

      IPh Bluetooth Earphone Adapter, just plug the adaptor in the charging port the Bluetooth will appear than sync than plug in your headphone or earbuds to listen to music, talk on phone.  

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  • SALE
    Nutel Gold Earbuds w/mic in Retail Package Nutel Gold Earbuds w/mic

    EarBuds Nutel Gold

    Wholesale Nutel Gold Earbuds /mic in retail packaging in boxes of 20ct. Good Quality earphones. Buy as refill for display or to put on store shelf. Packet is small and does not take up a lot of space. Can be placed on the counter if you have the space...

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  • Bulk Earphones Bulk Earphones

    Bulk Earphones

    Wholesale Bulk Earphones 100ct Assorted Styles with mic so you can talk on phone or listen to music.  Standard 3.5mm audio jack cord is length 1 meter. You can get the adapter for I-phone and Samsung which will allow the earphones to fit either...

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  • XTP Earphones Assorted Colors Retail Package

    Earphone in Retail Package

    Wholesale Quality Earphone with microphone, 3.5mm Stereo straight jack plug. Lightweight comfortable to wear for long period of time. Comes in assorted colors in a retail package. Master case has 100 pieces in packs of 10. These earphones have great...

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