Lighters are the type of item that convenience stores should never run out of. They are used for a variety of purposes by consumers. Lighters usually sell fast in stores because of their multi-purpose use like lighting candles, cigarettes, incense, barbecue grills so many usages. They are convenience to carry around because of their size and need to be replaced often. At Nutel Distributors we sells a variety of wholesale lighters.


  • MK Lighters in 50ct. Tray Sold by Nutel Distributors MK Lighters in assorted colors

    MK Lighters

      Wholesale M K Lighters Disposable in 50ct.tray in case of 20 packs. Good value for convenience stores and other types of retail establishments.

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  • Bic Lighter Mini in 50ct. Tray

    Bic Lighter Mini 50ct. Tray

    Wholesale BIC Lighters Mini the most popular and well recognized lighters in the America and maybe in world. They are the brand that is purchased the most in all type of stores. They have been proving to be safe and to do the job throughout the years...

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  • Bic Lighters 50ct +3 Tray Bic Lighters Assorted Colors in 50ct. Tray

    Bic Lighters Regular 50ct Tray

    Lighters are a basic necessity present at the counters of most convenience stores. The Master Case of six trays of classic Bic lighters is the perfect solution for this necessity to keep at the front counters of your convenience store. It comes in an...

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