• Belly Piercing Rings 54ct. Wholesale Refill Tray bell button piercing ring

    Belly /Navel Button Piercing Wholesale Tray

    Wholesale 316L Surgical Steel Assorted Belly Piercings Refill Tray. This refill tray will fits in several store displays. Good quality body Jewelry for your stores. It's a 54ct tray so lots of colors and styles for your customer to choose from. Belly...

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    Body Jewelry Eye Piercing Body Jewelry Eye  Piericing

    Eye Piercing Refill Tray

    Eye piercing 72ct Jewelry Refill Tray. Can be used in the 4 sided Jewelry Display.  

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  • Belly Piercing/ Dangles Refill   Tray Navel Belly Rings 54ct.

    Belly Piercing Dangles Refill Tray 54ct.

    Assorted styles of Belly Piercing Dangles in a Refill Tray. This tray can be used in two types of jewelry Displays. In this refill tray you will receive a large variety of styles. Good wholesale buy for Beauty Supply Stores, Convenience Stores and any...

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  • Surgical Steel Tongue Refill Tray-Sold by Nutel Distributors Surgical Steel Tongue Jewelry

    Surgical Steel Tongue 72ct.

    Wholesale 72ct. Surgical Steel Tongue refill tray. Inserts in the four sided Display

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