Store Displays

Enhance Your Store Presentation

Nutel Distributors offers a comprehensive range of wholesale store displays to elevate the presentation of your retail space. From eye-catching fixtures to functional cases, we have everything you need to showcase your products in style.

Diverse Selection of Retail Store Displays

Browse our diverse selection of retail store displays wholesale, carefully curated to meet the needs of various industries and merchandise types. Whether you're looking for display cases, or signage solutions, we have the perfect fixtures to enhance your store layout.

Quality Fixtures at Wholesale Prices

At Nutel Distributors, we believe in offering quality store display fixtures at wholesale prices, allowing you to maximize your budget without compromising on quality. Our durable and stylish displays are designed to attract customers and drive sales.

Create an Engaging Shopping Experience

The displays in your convenience store define everything about it. Having perfectly organized displays of all sorts in your store will only enhance the customer experience as well as your profits. Good displays do not only showcase the products well; they attract the customers towards the products. At Nutel Distributors, we supply a variety of different displays which are a perfect fit for any convenience store. Whether you need an accessories display, a noise stub or nose ring display, a circular leather bracelet display, an easy to display energy drink countertop box, air freshener boxes from renowned brands such as Blunt power and Scent Max, jewelry and a watch display, or any other types of displays, we have got you covered. Our prices are reasonable, and we offer wholesale of the displays as well as the option of easy refills.

Partner with Nutel Distributors for Success

Partner with Nutel Distributors as your source for wholesale store fixtures and displays, and take your retail business to new heights. With our wide selection, competitive prices, and commitment to customer satisfaction, we're here to support your success. 

  • Rotating Watch Display

    Watch Display 40ct.

    Assorted Styles of Premium Watches in a Rotating Acrylic Display. This display holds 40 watches and is just the right size for a store's counter top.

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  • Knife Display 30 ct. Knife Display 30ct. -Wholesale

    Knife Display 30ct. -Wholesale

    Acrylic Rotating Display that holds 30 Knives. It has LED lights. We have them available for your store at a good wholesale price. Thirty knives included with display.

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  • Nutel Rotating LED Display

    Mobile Counter Top Display

    Phone Accessory Display 180ct. with the newest phone accessories. You get USB I-Ph, USB-C I-P, and Micro USB Charging Cables. Also, Wall, Car, Earphones, and some Aux Cables all in a nice size LED rotating counter top display that locks. The LED lights...

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  • Leather Bracelet 54ct. Leather Style Bracelet 54ct

    Leather Bracelet 54ct. Display

    Having a fashionable jewelry display at your store can attract your customers to linger over the counter for long periods of time, potentially spending on things besides the jewelry. Our high-quality leather bracelet display, which comes with an elegant...

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  • XTP Floor Display with Cell Phone Accessories and sunglasses holder on side XTP Cell Phone Accessory Floor Display plus Sunglasses holder

    Phone Accessory Display w/ Glasses

    This Compact Cell Phone Accessories Floor Display holds 219 Phone Accessories. You get I-phone Charging Cables, Samsung Charging Cables, Micro USB Cables, Earphones, Wall Chargers, Car Chargers and more. On the side of the display there are 36 holders...

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  • Acrylic Incense Holder Holds 50 packs Incense Holder Display Holds up to 50 Packs

    Incense Holder Acrylic Display

    This acrylic incense display holds up to 50 packs or Jumbo incense. You can organize and display different bands of incense.

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  • Sleep Walker Energy Shots Original Sleeper Walker Energy Shots Grape Touch Down

    Sleep Walker Energy Shots

    Need to focus on your day without that sleepy feeling. Sleep Walker Energy Shots help you focus and enhance your mood. Can be enjoyed chilled. Contains Caffeine. Sold in 12oz of 2oz bottles in store display. Sold Wholesale to Stores. Vitamin B1 –...

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  • Goody's Powder Mixed Fruit in 6/4ct Box  Sold by Nutel Distributors

    Goody's Powder Mix Fruit 6/4ct

    In mixed fruit 6/4ct box is a sweet solution for routine aches ranging from minor headaches, colds, and muscular aches to toothache, backache, and even menstrual cramps. Thanks to its compact, mess-free packaging, this easy-to-use over-the-counter powder...

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  • BC Powder Cherry Flavor in  6/4 ct. Box

    BC Powder Cherry 6/4 ct.

      Having basic over-the-counter medicines is a must for any convenience store at all times. BC Powder Cherry 6/4 ct. Available to display in convenient stores, this BC powder is the tastiest way to get rid of any pain. With its powder formula, this...

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  • XTP Floor Display with 300 Wholesale Cell Phone Accessories XTP Charger Set Car and Type C Charging Cables-Sold by Nutel Distributors

    Phone Accessory Floor Display

    Phone Accessories 219ct. This is a good floor display for stores that want to make revenue on cell phone accessories which sell very well at Convenience stores.

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  • Tweaker Energy Shot Extra Watermelon Flavor Sold by Nutel Distributors

    Tweaker Energy Extra Watermelon

    Tweaker Energy Extra in 12ct. box $11.99. It has zero sugar and zero calories but what you need to stay alert. It comes in seven flavors. Tweaker Energy does contain caffeine. Sold Wholesale to Stores by Nutel Distributors.

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  • XStream Synthetic Urine in 6ct Display

    XStream Synthetic Urine 6ct

    Comes in counter top display. The bottles are premixed its toxin free and pH balanced. For research and novelty use.    

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