Bluntlife is one of the best and fast selling Brands of incense and sprays on the market. The spray comes in 1oz bottles of assorted very good smelling scents. Two sprays last for hours. This is an oil based spray so do not spray directly on surfaces.  It's sold in Convenience Stores, Smoke Shops, Auto Shops and Retail Outlets all across the USA. Retail customers love it. We offer a good wholesale price.



  • Bluntlife 11" Incense Sticks in Display Box Bluntlife 72ct Single  Incense Packs

    BluntLife Incense 72ct

    Buy Bluntlife Incense 72ct for special price $19.99 Box. These incense sticks are very economically priced, making them an ideal choice for the everyday store to carry. BluntLife incense sticks are made through a hand-dipped process. With over two...

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  • Bluntlife Jumbo Incense in Display Box Bluntlife 19" Incense 24ct. Box

    BluntLife Jumbo Incense

    Buy Wholesale Bluntlife Jumbo Incense in 24ct. Box and save.  Hand Dipped Incense with several great fragrances. Bluntlife is one of the No.1 Selling incense on the market. Great Wholesale Price $66.00 Box also available in bulk.

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