Wall Chargers

  • XTP Dual USB + C wall charger Dual Wall Charger

    Dual Wall Charger

    Say hello to your new best friend on the road, the XTP Dual Wall Charger! Designed with quality and convenience in mind, this 20W Dual Port USB + C Charger is a must-have accessory for every tech-savvy individual. High-Quality Design Crafted with...

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  • XTP Cell Phone Charger Set I-Phone Charger and Wall Charger

    IPH Charger & Wall Adapter

    Have you even forgotten to charge your Phone before leaving your home? It can be an annoyance that can turn off anyone's mood. Thankfully, with the help of the XTP mobile iPhone 2in1 Car Charger package, this problem can be solved easily. This car...

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  • XTP USB Type -C  2n1 Charger Set

    USB Type C 2n1 Wall

    XTP Mobile USB-C 2n1 Charger set consist of Wall + C Cable it is the perfect charger to charge any USB type C smart phone. Whether you have a Samsung, Sony, Blackberry, or any other smartphone, as long as it has a USB type C port, it can be charged by...

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  • XTP Cell Phone Charger Set I-Phone Charger and Wall Charger

    I-Ph 2n1 Wall

    2n1 charger Plus wall adapter good value.

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  • Mobile Phone Charger Set 3n1 Micro Type C Charging Cable Wall and Car Charging Adapters

    USB C 3n1

    The XTP mobile Micro USB Type C 3in1 bundle is the affordable answer to all your charging needs. Whether you need a charger in your home or your car, this is the right choice for you. This package comes with a simply designed plastic charging brick, a...

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  • XTP    2n1 Wall Charger Set

    Micro USB 2n1 Wall

    The XTP mobile USB 2in1 Wall charger is an efficient charger and Micro USB combo which can charge any smartphone without any issues. Whether you own a Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Blackberry, if your device has a Micro USB port, it can be charged by this...

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  • Nutel Gold USB Wall Chargers in Retail Package Nutel Gold USB Wall Chargers

    Nutel Gold Home Charger

    Nutel Gold Wall Chargers 20ct. Box the chargers are 5v-2.1 charging amp and comes in retail package for display hanging.

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  • USB Wall Charger USB Wall Charger

    USB Wall Charger

    Wholesale USB wall charger 5v-2.1 charging amp. Charges phone fast.

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  • Dual Wall  USB + C Charger Dual Wall  USB + C Charger

    Dual Wall USB + C Charger

    Type USB- C charging connector is becoming more and more popular on newer devices. Meanwhile USB connectors are still widely used. So, at Nutel Distributors we offer a Dual Wall Charger with Type C 18 Watt + USB. That way only one charging port is needed...

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  • Wall Charger

    Wall Charger

    XTP Wall Chargers sold in 25ct Jar. These are Quality chargers also used in a counter top display.

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  • Car Charger in Package

    Car Charger in Package

    XTP Cell Phone Wall Chargers in Retail Package. This quality charger come on a XTP floor and counter top display. Sold in Wholesale Quantity of 25.

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