Micro USB

Micro-USB Chargers were widely used to charge smartphones. Now there are three types of chargers that charge smart phones.  As the popularity of the USB charger is fading it's still used in many of the older phones. The Micro USB has a wide end. The USB-C has a smaller end and is becoming popular for the newest smart phones. So if you're looking to purchase chargers it's best to get a variety so you will have what your customers are looking for.

  • XTP    2n1 Wall Charger Set

    Micro USB 2n1 Wall

    The XTP mobile USB 2in1 Wall charger is an efficient charger and Micro USB combo which can charge any smartphone without any issues. Whether you own a Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Blackberry, if your device has a Micro USB port, it can be charged by this...

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  • Micro USB Charging Cables Micro USB Charger

    Micro USB Charger

    USB charging cables in clear plastic retail package.

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