Car Chargers

Shop Wholesale mobile car chargers with or without retail package. Our chargers in retail package can be used to refill your Nutel Wireless, XTP Mobile or any Cell Phone Accessories Display.  With Nutel Distributors you get Quality Accessories at Good Wholesale Prices.  Bulk orders Available

  • XTP Mobile Phone Charger Set I-Phone Charger and Car Charger Adapter

    I-Ph 2n1 Car

    2n1 Charger sets are a good combination to pair a new cable with a new car adapter.  It gives you a complete charging package. Need the C They come with USB for I-ph. or USB-C Charging with car charger adapter in retail Package. The USB C is used...

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  • XTP 2n1 Charger Set Type C Phone Charging Cable with Car Charger Adapter

    Micro USB C 2n1 Car

    USB C 2n1 Charging Set. This charger set is an XTP USB C Charging Cable with a USB Car Charging port in Retail Package. This is also a refill item for the XTP Display.

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  • XTP  USB Car Charger in Retail Package

    Car Charger XTP

    XTP Quality Car Charger in Retail Pack, this product can be purchased in a display or for refills.  This charger fits the latest smartphones, including.  

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  • Car Chargers Nutel Gold Nutel Gold Car Charger

    Car Chargers Nutel Gold

    Wholesale 20ct. Box. If you need a fast and sleek, easy-to-carry car charger, then you have come to the best place. Nutel sells affordable car chargers at wholesale prices in 20ct boxes. These chargers are high-quality, and although 1 amp is needed to...

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  • Dual USB + C  Car Charger in Retail Package -Sold by Nutel Distributors Dual USB + C  Car Charger

    USB Dual with Type C

    Wholesale Quality Portable 3.1A LED Fast Charging USB Dual Type C + USB Car Adapter Port. Now you can charge an I-Phone or a Samsung Phone with this Dual device. With this dual port only one is needed no matter what type of mobile device you have. This...

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  • Dual Car Charger Dual Car Charger

    Dual Car Charger

    Wholesale bulk LED Dual Car Charger, they light up when plugged in. Use with I-phone or Android phone to charge while in Auto. Comes in assorted colors.  

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