Energy Drinks

Ready to restock your store's energy drink inventory? Nutel Distributors has you covered with our extensive selection of energy drinks and supplements. From the popular Tweaker Energy Shot range to the reliable 5-Hour Energy shot drinks, we offer a variety of options to suit every taste and preference.

Powerful Ingredients, Zero Sugar

Our Tweaker Energy Shots pack a punch with strong caffeine and herbal stimulants, providing an instant boost without any added sugars or calories. Available in convenient countertop boxes, these shots come in enticing flavors like watermelon, pomegranate, and mango peach, ensuring your customers have plenty of options to choose from.

Extended Energy Release

For those seeking sustained energy throughout the day, our Tweaker Extra variant delivers a longer and higher rush of energy without the dreaded crash. And with the 5-Hour Energy shot drinks, your customers can enjoy a guilt-free energy boost with just five calories and no added sugar.

Trusted Wholesale Supplier

As a trusted wholesale supplier, Nutel Distributors is committed to providing high-quality energy drinks at competitive prices. With our reliable products and exceptional service, you can trust us to meet all your energy drink needs.

Stock Up Today

Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your store's energy drink selection with Nutel Distributors. Order now and give your customers the energy they need to power through their day!

Ready to energize your customers' day? Stock up on Nutel Distributors' energy drink collection today!

  • Sleep Walker Energy Shots Original Sleeper Walker Energy Shots Grape Touch Down

    Sleep Walker Energy Shots

    Need to focus on your day without that sleepy feeling. Sleep Walker Energy Shots help you focus and enhance your mood. Can be enjoyed chilled. Contains Caffeine. Sold in 12oz of 2oz bottles in store display. Sold Wholesale to Stores. Vitamin B1 –...

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  • Tweaker Energy Shot Extra Watermelon Flavor Sold by Nutel Distributors

    Tweaker Energy Extra Watermelon

    Tweaker Energy Extra in 12ct. box $11.99. It has zero sugar and zero calories but what you need to stay alert. It comes in seven flavors. Tweaker Energy does contain caffeine. Sold Wholesale to Stores by Nutel Distributors.

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  • 5 hour Energy Orange Wholesale 5 Hour Energy

    5 Hour Energy Orange

    5 Hour Energy Orange flavor 1.93oz single serving in 12 pack case, 5-hour energy has only 4 calories and is sugar free. It contains a blend of B vitamins and nutrients. This blend helps increase energy along with alertness so you can focus. Contains...

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  • 5-hour Energy Grape Extra  12ct Display 5-hour Energy Extra Strength Grape Flavor

    5 Hour Energy Grape Extra

    5 Hour Energy Extra Strength Grape flavor 1.93oz 12ct. box. 5 Hour is sugar free with only 4 calories. 5 hour contains vitamins and nutrients. Contains caffeine about as much as a cup of coffee. Good wholesale buys for stores.      

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  • 5-hour Energy  Berry Flavor

    5-hour Energy Berry Flavor

    Only having four calories per 1.93oz bottle, the 5-Hour energy drink is a wonderful supplement to boost your daily work and help you power through the day with full energy. Whether you have work to complete or assignments to catch up on, these shots...

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  • 5-hour Energy  Citrus Lime

    5-hour Energy Citrus Lime

      Wholesale 5-hour energy comes in 2oz 12 ct. box. This product has no sugar, only 4 calories.  5-hour contains vitamins and caffeine the amount of a cup of coffee.  It is really popular in convenience stores.

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  • Tweaker Energy Shots  Pomegranate Flavor in 12ct. display Tweaker Energy Shots  Pomegranate Flavor

    Tweaker Energy Shot Pomegranate

    Wholesale Tweaker Energy Shots Pomegranate in 12ct, 2oz bottles Display Box. Tweaker has no sugar.  

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  • Tweaker Energy Shot Grape Flavor 12ct Tweaker Energy Grape Flavor 2oz Plastic Bottle

    Tweaker Energy Shot Grape

    Get ready to power up with Tweaker Energy Shot Grape Flavor, now available in a convenient wholesale package of 12ct 2oz plastic bottles! Perfect for those seeking a quick energy boost, Tweaker Energy Shot delivers a burst of refreshing grape flavor with...

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  • Tweaker Energy Berry Tweaker Energy Shot Berry

    Tweaker Energy, Berry, 12ct

    Tweaker Energy Berry Flavor $7.99 in 2oz bottles in counter top display for stores. When you need a boost to last through the day.  

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  • Tweaker Energy Extra Tweaker Energy Extra

    Tweaker Energy Extra Mango Peach

    Tweaker Energy Extra, Peach Mango 12ct Counter Display. Tweaker Energy Extra has 0 sugar, 0 Carbs and no Calories but it does contain caffeine.  

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  • Tweaker Energy Extra- Sour Apple Tweaker Energy Extra- Sour Apple

    Tweaker Energy Extra- Sour Apple

    Tweaker Energy Extra-Sour Apple Flavor.  Come in 12ct. 2oz plastic bottles in a store counter top display. Tweaker extra strength contains No Sugar, No Calories    

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  • 5 Hour Energy Extra 12ct Display Berry Flavor -Sold by Nutel Distributors 5 Hour Energy Extra Berry Flavor

    5-Hour Energy Extra Berry

    5 Hour Energy Extra Strength Berry Flavor in 12ct display.  5 Hour has zero sugar, 4 calories, and about as much caffeine as a cup of coffee.  Sold wholesale to stores.    

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